Family Support Programme

The Family Support Programme is designed to work with parents and children.

The programme recognises that families have distinctly different needs, and aims to respond to these varying needs, including families with children with special needs, families where adults have additional needs, working parents and families of ethnic, religious and other minority groups within the community.

The programme involves inter-agency working with a range of professionals with interest in children and families to achieve better outcomes for them.
The programme encourages the participation of families in the planning and working of the various services.
Centre based activities include:

Interactive play sessions for children and parents. 

Advice to parents about children’s behaviour.
Language and Communication sessions.
Individual advice for parents.
Drop-in groups – offering quality play, fun activities and space for meeting other parents.
One Stop Shop – offering families access to services including health, breast-feeding, speech and language, welfare benefits and more.
Access to Sensory Room, Toy Libraries,  ICT Suites, Family Learning, Basic Skills and ESOL.

Home Visits and Outreach services are a vital part of the Family Support Programme. They include welcome visits to all new members to discuss with them the different services provided by the programme.

Contact with families with children and/or adults with additional needs are also available to assist families in accessing the services they need.  There is also a home visiting befriending scheme which supports families who are concerned about their young children's behaviour plus complex practical and emotional difficulties families may be experiencing.

There are visits to children 2 yrs of age which aim to reach families with children of this age who do not use the services, to give them the opportunity to reassess their needs, and check if they need help in accessing pre-school activities for their children and finding more information about schools.

The Family /support Programme also offer services for families who have children attending both Canterbury and Peppermint nurseries.

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