Welfare Benefits

Welfare Benefits Adviser Yomi Olowu, is available to all Sure Start members to give benefit advice and help with queries and applications. 

 Drop-In sessions are held across the programme and ar eon a first come, first served basis.

Yomi can carry out a benefit check to see if you are receiving all the correct benefits, help with benefit applications and form filling and also with any queries you have or if you need to appeal regarding a benefit.  If a form is too long to complete at the session they can arrange another appointment to do that at a time and place convenient to you.

 Here are some examples of past cases that the Welfare Benefits group have helped with;


Janet helped a young mum who has a disability to reclaim Disability Living Allowance which in turn meant that her husband could claim benefit as a carer.  They are better off by a total of £80.45 per week as a result of these benefits.

Yomi also assisted a young couple in successfully appealing against a recovery of Housing Benefit overpayment of £4,885.71 going as far back as November 2000, on grounds that the overpayment occurred because of official error, which is not recoverable from our client.

 There was another case of a single parent who’s Housing Benefit of £90.99 per week was stopped for over a year because the Housing Benefits received information that her Income Support was stopped. However it transpired that the Income Support was stopped in error, moreover it was only for a short period, and has since been reinstated and backdated accordingly.

The Welfare Benefits group were able to help her get her Housing Benefit backdated for up to 52 weeks, which amounted to a backpayment of £4,731.48 into her rent account.

You can contact Yomi directly on 020 8760 5441 or via Nechemah Inbar-Bonanos, Broad Green Sure Start Family Co-Ordinator on 020 8649 8441.

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